What is Tempeh?

Pronounced “”TEM-pay” or “TEM-pah,” Tempeh is a minimally-processed nutrient powerhouse originating from Indonesia. It is an excellent source of complete protein, fibre, and a broad array of micronutrients. Since it is fermented its nutrients are actually more available to the body too!  It is praised as a sustainable plant-based staple for your diet, while being very versatile, delicious and easy to use!  

Tempeh is sold widely in Canada by Henry’s Tempeh, which has been making Tempeh since 2002. It is strongly recommended to pasteurize (cook) Tempeh, before consuming it. All of Henry’s Tempeh products are pasteurized then vacuum sealed, ensuring a long shelf life in your fridge, and providing a high quality Tempeh that is ready to cook at home.  

You are most likely to find Tempeh in a plain “brick” format, sometimes with a light seasoning. But it can also be found in a prepared format, like Henry’s Tempeh Crumble, which is pre-seasoned and ready to be used in tacos, burgers, pizzas, salads and more. While plain Tempeh can be a lovely meal all on its own, most people enjoy it soaked in a marinade or seasoned, or added to a flavourful dish. Tempeh absorbs flavours extremely well, similar to tofu, and has a naturally earthy, nutty, mushroomy flavour. For this reason, it is a staple in the kitchen, as it can be used as a main dish for just about any meal idea. Of course, one does not need to use Tempeh as a “meat-replacement,” it is quite amazing as its own food, which is probably why it’s gaining in popularity so rapidly.  

Tempeh is a food well worth discovering, so look out for Henry’s Tempeh at your favourite stores, or order Canada-wide at Vegansupply.ca.  You will not be disappointed!