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Konzelmann Farms

We use only locally sourced, certified organic soybeans.  Our farmers face many challenges and the work they do is crucial to us.   Learn about our current soybean supplier below:

“We are a 2000-acre family owned and operated farm that specializes in growing and processing organic crops. We have been growing and processing certified organic crops at our Wyoming, Ontario farm since 1999.

As an organic farm, we work to produce high quality grade foods and seed for the national and international organic market. We value the land on which we live and grow our crops, and we strive to work with the soil by using only organic fertilizers and methods to help the earth maintain its rich nutrients and growing capabilities.

We are also proud to offer processing services for other organic farmers’ grain. We are capable of meeting the high organic mill and market standards by utilizing state of the art equipment, hard work, and specialized methods that have been built on years of experience.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our farm as you browse through our website. We love what we do, and we work to display our passion throughout our work!”

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